After graduating from Newcastle University in 2013 with a degree in Philosophy, I decided to pursue my real passion for art in Italy and completed a three year degree at the Florence Academy of Art in June 2016.

Whilst there, I studied sculpture, drawing and painting, learning classical methods and imitating the old masters. In some ways I felt it was like learning an alphabet, a kind of invaluable structural base from which to begin any work. Having benefited immensely from exploring the techniques taught at FAA, I am now developing my craft by leaning towards a slightly looser and more personal style. 

Currently, animals are my key focus, after three years working from the human figure and since a young age I have been captivated by dogs and horses in particular. I have gained extensive experience from working closely with both species over the years, underpinning an understanding of their anatomy and movement.


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 Suggested Dog Training contact: Sarah Myles