I completed a three year degree at the Florence Academy of Art in 2016, where I studied sculpture, drawing and painting, learning classical methods and imitating the old masters. In some ways I felt it was like learning an alphabet, a kind of invaluable structural base from which to begin any work. Having benefited immensely from exploring the techniques taught at FAA, I am now developing my craft by leaning towards a slightly looser and more personal style. 

Animals are now my key focus, a fact that’s not hindered by my own life long relationship with both dogs and horses. An acute understanding of their anatomy, muscle structure and movement is essential in my work.

Between commissions, I have been spending time experimenting with ink. Through this development of more abstract work I have been striving to produce a paired back depiction of the strength, power, anatomy and elegance of the horse in particular. To achieve the feel of a horse, without exactly drawing a horse is certainly an exciting challenge and a different thing to more traditional portraits.



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